Why was Linkin Park such a big hit in its time?

Linkin Park

Linkin Park was an American band from the state of Agoura Hills, California. This band was

formed in 1996. This band came into the eyes of the world when they gave their debut by their

first album Hybrid Theory. This was certified as Diamond and in other many countries, it was

certified as Multi-Platinum by RIAA.

This band was formed by the three friends studying in a school in America. They were Mike

Shinoda, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon. After graduating from the school, they took it seriously to

appear their musical abilities. They also trained their other two friends to perform in their band


They also released a studio album with the name of Meteora after their debut and this studio

the album made a huge list of popularity and success in the history of Linkin Park.

Was Charity Work of Linkin Park a big reason??

One important reason for being the big hit of its time was the charity work. This band very soon

started charity work with their live concert around the world. MTV2 ranked as the sixth largest

band of the history and third of the new millennium for releasing video albums.

Billboard was very famous and authenticated company for the ranking and categorization of the

music. They ranked Linkin Park on number 19 for the Best articles of the decade. Kerrang also

declared this band as the largest rock band in the world.

VH1 made a pole identify the greatest artist of 2000. Linkin Park got highest votes in this


This band explored so many others genres in their coming studio album by adopting rap metal.

It was Minutes to Midnight. This studio album also topped the topped the charts of Billboard and

gave a third best debut week in that year. At the time of launching their next studio album, they

explored many other musical types.

Their studio album “A thousand Suns” was a super piece of the history of music. In this studio

album, they layered their music with new beats and electronic sound. This was an evolution in the

history of music. They launched their fifth album with the name of “Living Things”. They

combined all their musical elements which they had used in their previous albums. It was also a

new combination in this album. This album broke their all previous records of popularity.

Then they launched their new album as “The Hunting Party”. They presented a very heavier

rock sound in this album. Several other artists took part in this album. In fact, it was a mash-up of

all musical artists. Rappers were very prominent in this album.

This band is the only band who won two Grammy Awards. They also broke all the previous

records of popularity in the history. Till the time, it is the most popular American rock band.

This band worked on so many side projects which became the reason for their popularity.

Bennington worked for a solo album known as “Dead by Sunrise”. Shinoda worked with

Depeche Mode.

Collision course was another album which they released with the Jay-Z. It was a remix album.

Both the artists recorded their background tracks and intermixed lyrics. It was released in

November 2004.

Jay-Z and Shinoda released a combined album which was Fort Minor. It was also a side project

and debut for both.

Linkin Park participated in so many charity events. They worked to give benefit to the victims of

the Hurricane Charley and poor people. In 2005, there was a huge quantity of people who were

victims of Hurricane Katrina.

This band also donated $75,000 to a foundation. Special Operation Warrior Foundation was a

charity organization. They mostly worked for the victims of the Hurricanes. This foundation did

so many projects with the coordination of Linkin Park.

A great step of Linkin Park for Victims

This band also set up a separate fund which was known as the music for relief. They did so

many concerts only for the purpose of charity. They also did relief efforts for the victims of Indian

Ocean Tsunami in 2004.

They participated in a series of concerts. This series of concerts was set up to help the poor

people and victims of the America and other parts of the world. Its name was Live 8 and it was

set up to raise the global awareness of the charity for victims.

This band performed in the live concerts in front of the global audience. In 2006, during the

ceremony of Grammy Awards, this band was reunited. They showed their reunion on the stage

of Grammy Award Show.

After their reunion, they performed in a summer sonic festival in the same year. They also went

back to their combined studio and started to work on new and unique material. For this purpose,

they choose the producer Rick Rubin. It was released in 2007.

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