Lake of Fire by Nirvana

Lake of Fire

Where do bad folks go when they die?

They don’t go to heaven where Angels fly,

They go to the lake of fire and fry,

See them again till the fourth of July.

And, then goes the progression that I just cannot stop listening to. Well, folks, that’s Nirvana for you. A true Nirvana that will take you to someplace where you will find your very existence with the amazing tunes and grunge voice of Kurt Cobain.

They are without any doubt the kings of Acoustic and you just cannot stop loving them. Ever wondered what is actually a great music? Well, everyone has its own perception and likings when it comes to music. But, if you really want to listen to the best grunge song then there is no great song than this.

It’s a month of July and I was just listening to the Nirvana and it just hit me, why not share this amazing song with you guys? Let’s have a sound moment and listen to this amazing and masterpiece produced by the Kurt.

Listen to Our Song of the Day

Lake of Fire by Nirvana is something out of this world and if someone has recently started to learn how to play guitar and want an inspiration then this band right here is the best example that you can ever get.

Some of you may not know that the Cobain didn’t know music at all. He learned by heart. You can say that it was in him and he was everything when it comes to the creativity. You must have seen him in different videos where he actually played the wrong progressions when he was about to play a new song.

However, Cobain with his left-hand strumming never disappointed the crowd and always picked the best progressions to entertain the crowd.

We all know about his personal life so I probably shouldn’t touch it at all and let’s just focus on the music produced by this great musician.

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