Top 10 Intense Rock Genres from the Nineties and the Noughties

Rock Genres

The first thing that needs to be realised before we go any further is that the genre, Rock, is the superset of intense and remarkable rock genres that supersede it and cultivate into exceptional forms themselves.

However, since Rock itself is Adam and the others merely its children, hitherto respect must be given as it is Adam’s right. I think everyone is up to speed with the fact that Adam was a euphemism for Rock genres music.

Rock music itself was the originator of all the following components that came afterwards. Another thing that needs to be clarified before we start this list is the fact that we are going to identify all these rock genres in the context of their contribution to the superset known as Rock n Roll itself.


Top 10 Intense Rock Genres Nineties and the Noughties

10 – Electronic Rock

Although the last part of the new millennium has not been as endearing to the Rock n Roll faithful, than it had, in the nineties. This is mainly due to factors such as the evolution of Electronic Music Festivals with new age genres such as House and Trance music.

This has seen a new wave of rock genres music as it has manifested itself (by bringing upon them such a metamorphosis) that has seen them join forces with the electronic dance music. Linkin Park joining forces with Steve Aoki and Korn joining forces with Skrillex are the respected evidence of the aforementioned.

Some greatly criticise this move from the Rock n Roll perspective, mainly due to the fact that trance/house music are two entirely different genres that have nothing alike. Whether this is true or not still yet remains to be seen as it is too early to tell.

9 – Nu-Metal

Here’s where things got interesting. The 90’s not only saw the boom of Rock n Roll. There was another genre emerging in the form of Rap music especially after the Tupac and Biggie Smalls controversy. There was a split between East Coast/West Coast rappers and, well let’s just say both sides were not too fond of each other.

At the start of the new millennium, this helped Rock n Roll and how it did so was in the form of a new genre known as Nu-Metal. Nu-Metal was an alternate form of Rock which consisted of elements involving Rap, Hip Hop and Rock n Roll.

Nu-Metal was an alternate form of Rock which consisted of elements involving Rap, Hip Hop and Rock n Roll. This fusion between these genres was considered very popular at the time.

Bands, such as Crazy Town, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and P.O.D. These bands were given the ball and they not only ran with it, they scored touchdown after touchdown. Needless to say, Rock n Roll won that game.

8 – Metal

A Rock n Roll list and Metallica isn’t on it. That would’ve been blasphemous. It is not a coincidence that Metal is the genre and the originator (as the epitome of the metal itself) is known as Metallica.

Suffice to say, I just avoided blasphemy against the Rock n Roll religion.

Moving on, there aren’t enough words that can complement the genre that is metal. A hard hitting stream of music that stood in the face of authority and rebellious waves that gave power to the ordinary man. Yes, indeed that is what heavy metal represents. The common man spitting at the face of authority and all the unfair means through which he’s been underutilised.

Metal bands such as Metallica, Slipknot, Korn, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden epitomised the genre known as metal. Metal in its own extraordinary manner is evidential as in being actually soothing for many individuals and it has been scientifically proven to be quite therapeutic.

7 – Country Rock

Country Rock genres have a place of its own in terms of its contribution to Rock n Roll. Bands, most notably like the Eagles have made that happen.

The Old 97’s, Alabama, Buffalo Springfield, The Marshall Tucker Band and The Outlaws are those bands which pioneered an integration of country music and formed an alliance with Rock n Roll. Kid Rock is also one such artist that has greatly contributed to this genre.

Country music has had a lasting impact as it has been (over the years) been used in many movies and T.V shows alike. Other than that, country music has its own niche which primarily originates within the United States (within states such as Tennessee) and is greatly appreciated worldwide.

6 – Progressive Rock

When we look at the nineties, it is extremely hard to ignore the seventies and eighties. By that, we’re referring to the Beatles, the Stones, Pink Floyd, Guns n Roses and you know where I’m getting at. Now those predecessors had a great influence on the formation of bands such as Oasis, RHCP, Pearl Jam and ACDC.

The four behemoths I just introduced were the founding fathers of what was to become the epitome of Rock n Roll. Not to mention bands such as Alice in Chains. From the period of 1990-1995, these bands introduced a blaze that is forever remembered even up till this day.

It is not only the bands themselves but the personalities that made up the larger than life individual entities residing within them. We’ll get back to these personalities as followed.

5 – Indie Rock

At the start of the new millennium, there had been an ongoing debate regarding Rock n Roll. It had cultivated into many different forms and the criticism was that they were losing touch with their roots. It is arguable whether this was true or not. But, what is the truth is that indeed Rock genres music was already diverging into many different forms of music. It may have also been looked upon as a desperate attempt at survival.

Let us once again dig into the indie rock archives and you’d be surprised as to how well you are already acquainted with these names.

Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and Blur are the bands that have contributed to this genre. It is different in many ways from a lot of Rock genres. Indie Rock can be defined as an attempt to recapture the spirit of the nineties in the new millennium. Arctic Monkeys even up till this day prefer to release their records in cassettes over the cd and if that’s not symbolic of the aforementioned statement, then we don’t know what is.

There is always this debate going on about being an originator. Originality is what Indie Rock thrives upon.

4 – Pop Rock

This has been one of the most influential genres of all time. If one specifies Rolling Stones and the Beatles, well they resided within the confinements of this genre. However, the music was changing in the nineties. It was changing at a very fast rate, many bands were emerging. Nirvana played a huge part in revolutionising the industry.

Pop Rock was given the moniker of classics. Although, being considered a classic is a huge honour but in very crude terms it is also arguable that what’s classic is old. Who better to pass the torch to, well, Coldplay? It is no secret that Coldplay has been one of the most influential rock bands of the nineties as well as the new millennium.

Continuing in those regards are bands such as The Cranberries, Hootie and The Blowfish, Dave Matthews Band and Savage Garden. The legacy of pop rock lives on and it did so even the late new millennium.

3 – Psychedelic Rock

When one is engaged in the debate in regards to Psychedelic Rock, there is only one constant which comes to mind and that is Pink Floyd. It is arguable whether or not Pink Floyd was the pioneer of this genre; however I think what we can all conclude upon is that their music left us feeling in a way which can only be described as different from anything else.

That, the aforementioned statement, is what Psychedelic Rock represents. Continuation of this in the nineties was a band known as Porcupine Tree. Psychedelic Rock can be defined in terms of it being something that is better than psychedelic drugs themselves.

It is therapeutic when one listens to this genre after the consumption of such drugs and it acts as a high on its own when one listens to this genre without the use of any drugs.

2 – Grunge

This is where the charismatic enigma known as Kurt Cobain with his new wave of Rock n Roll came in introducing a different genre which we now know of as Grunge Rock genres. There is no doubt that Nirvana was the pioneer of grunge. Nirvana’s footsteps were followed with bands like Puddle of Mud etc.

Cobain’s personality is what made Nirvana as successful as it still is and it was Cobain’s personality through which his music has been immortalised. It was not only his music that attracted audience’s undivided attention to Nirvana. But, it also was his infamous suicide as well as his suicide note that made him a martyr among the Rock n Roll faithful.

The whole genre of Grunge itself is dedicated to Kurt Cobain himself and Nirvana as they hold the moniker of Adam when one specifically talks about Grunge.

1 – Blues Rock

Okay, the blues, we have endless options to choose from. Whether it is the endless swagger of Guns n Roses. The long beards of ZZ Top, the musical genius of Aerosmith, the “highway to hell” with AC/DC and the invincible hands of Santana, you’ll never know what it’s like to sing the blues but we all wish we do. The blues had a lasting impact on Rock n Roll.

The highlight of this genre is that it is just pure raw energy utilised through the spirit that is the entity itself known as blues. Rock n Roll embassy includes the aforementioned ambassadors. We call them ambassadors because these four bands truly represent (the only thing missing is the badge) Rock n Roll country.

The blues are also a long-standing genre of Jazz but they truly have made a place of their own in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame through Jazz/Rock fusion.

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