10 Facts About Pink Floyd

Facts About Pink Floyd

They always will be favorite for us and it will be a lot more fun if we know few facts about Pink Floyd. Here, we are going to share few facts about Pink Floyd that you would love to take a look at.

Facts About Pink Floyd


In the opinion of some people, there was an end came to the Pink Floyd’s reunion with Roger

Water when Richard Wright died in 2008. But it is true that David Gilmour made it over

before this. He refused clearly for reunions after their live concert in 2005. He said that he does

not have any wish to go back to the Pink Floyd. Their last album “Endless River” was without



During the session of “The Wall” in 1979, Roger Water fired the Richard Wright. But after some

time, he brought the Wright back to the band as a sideman. As they were going on a money-losing the tour, it was not only Richard who lost money on that tour. He did not become the

permanent member of the group until their season “The Division Bell 994.


“The great gig in the sky” was the vocal of Clare Torrey. It was completely improved by them

later on. They told her to improve these vocals by thinking about the death they also told her to

think about the death in the hell and the horror of the life. She accepted their suggestion and

improved these vocals by thinking at the same pattern. She created these wonderful vocals in

this way.


There are so many facts that you can take a look at this is one the facts about Pink Floyd that you are going to love. “Live at Pompeii” was the live concert film of the Pink Floyd. Adrian Moben was the director of

this concert film. He revealed that Pink Floyd hired a person at that time. The purpose of the

hiring of that person was specifical to refuse the interview request which was coming so

frequently. These requests were coming due to their “Dark Side” tours. At that time, they wanted

to remain enigmatic and unseen to the general public. They remain successful for very long time

with this technique.


Allan Parsons did great efforts in the field of engineering. He was honored with the Grammy

Award in 1973 for his endless efforts in “The dark side of the Moon”. He got nothing else except

this Grammy Award. Allan Parson said that he earned no money with this album. It was just a

very beautiful experience in his career. But it is also a fact that these efforts did a lot for me in

my remaining career in the music industry.


According to the many people, the “Echoes” was a very beautiful experiment. It was the group’s

first and ultimate stereophonic experiment. But according to the Pink Floyd, it was nothing

special. The original name of the track was “Nothing”. So many edits were carried out on this

song and later on the song was known as the “Return of the son of nothing”. Even this name

was given to the song before it was given its official title.


There were so many problems between the Roger Waters and David Gilmour. Every member of

the group was very well aware of it. In reality, there was a friction between them when they were

going for run up in 1969. In this concert, for each member of the group a separate task was

given. Every member has to prepare for a solo contribution in the concert. In the concert, a time

came when Gilmour asked Waters to help him in the preparation of lyrics. Waters gave him a

very clean and simple answer “No”. One of the most amazing facts about Pink Floyd.


Nick Mason was the only published author of this group. He did so many efforts for the success

of the band. He appeared on every recording of the Pink Floyd. It is a strange fact that he rarely

received a credit for any writing of any song. He wrote two books. One of them was on classic

cars and other was on the personal history of the band. These two books were very famous at that

time. It is one of the facts about Pink Floyd.


Roger Waters were the very famous personality of this group. He joined this group as a

guitarist. When Syd Barret and Bob Klose came on the board, he has to move first to the rhythm

guitar and after that, he moved to the bass. Once a time, he revealed his wish that he wanted to

work as a drummer but he did not get any chance of it.


David Gilmour joined this group as a guitarist. Before joining this group, Syd Barret was in his position.

He played guitar on so many concerts of the Pink Floyd. Before him, there was another person in this

group as a guitar player. He was Bob Klose. During the first demos of the group, he played guitar for

them. Later on, he left the group and started his career in the photography. He also worked with

Gilmour in 2006 for his solo album. The name of his album was “On an Island”.

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