TOP 10 EPIC MOMENTS OF 90’s Concerts

EPIC MOMENTS OF 90’s Concerts

There was a time when MJ used to freeze all the audience with his magic performance on the stage and we surely know that the 90’s concerts were something that we all still miss a lot. The performances from the Slash, Metallica, they were just out of this world. We are going to share with you the EPIC MOMENTS OF 90’s CONCERTS.

1: Nirvana

It is the last concert of Nirvana on 07 February 1994. A few weeks before the Cobain died. House was full and it was the first tour of Europe. The first act, which was the opening of Buzzcocks did not go well.

The crowd did not feel good and start firework at the whole place. As the Nirvana came on the stage, the whole crowd just was gone. It was really crazy.

 2: The Beastie Boys

There was a great time in 1995 when they were on a tour at ATL. They were with rhyming hearts in a packed stadium. The audience really missed them when they were touring down in the southern states. It does not matter about the age. They all continue to grow as long as possible like artists.

They really deserve great respect for them. As they introduce the hip hop culture and bestow it to the music industry.

3: Kid Rock

If you get a chance to go to the concert of Kid Rock. Don’t lose it. He came out in his special and unique style of appearing. His special fur coat and the pimp hat are a sign of presenting himself in front of an audience. He began with Bawitdaba and the whole crowd became crazy for him.

It was seen that whole place was crazy. He performed all his top songs and especially from the first part.

4: Judas Priest

It was 28 February 1998 in the Warfield Theatre of Downtown San Francisco. It was fully packed with girls. The girlfriends of all were standing shoulder to shoulder and they were going to experience the revamp of newly Priest with the singer Tim.

It was the Skepticism, which was all over there. Suddenly lights went off and at the same time, Electric Eye started performing. They played everything from the guitar. It was show off about two hours.  It was really a great experience and it really was an EPIC MOMENTS OF 90’s CONCERTS.

5: Backstreet Boys

The concert of a BSB was a great experience on 12 July 1999. This concert was really awesome. It was the great show on the greatest seen. The stage used in the concert was in circular shape and it was placed in the exact center of the crowd.

Suddenly the light went off and everybody saw at the left corner of that venue. Those boys were hanging with snowboard tables and a great fire flying experience was there.

 6: Real Big Fish

A band of California, Glam-wannabe Sky Rockers got a team with Australia’s most groomed band. It was 9th October 1999. At that time, most of the concerts were going to be held in the United States. It was a great place for them. This was going to happen the biggest gig ever.

This was the most hostile concert ever, which was held there. There was love in that place. It was overwhelming.

7: Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour

It was 13 April 1990. Up to the beginning of 1990, the Madonna was the greatest artist on this planet. She did the biggest tour there. The stage was designed in a unique way. The Metro Police was shown as slaves to her and her two backup singers with her. Their names were Donna and Nikki. She danced like infamous and she lip-synchs the vocals which were pre-recorded.  This was basically the dance of lights. In the background, the scenes were changes with time.

This was really a great moment.

8: N’Sync

It was 27 April 1999. It was really a great concert. For half an hour, it was the performance of Blaque. Next hour was for Tatyana Ali. After that, a break was for the duration of 15 minutes. All lights became dim and suddenly a big monster appears on that stage. It disappeared and five people came on stage wearing neon dresses and did a big dance on stage. Their performance was really great and historical.

9: Metallic Summer Sanitarium Tour

It was 10 July 2000 and there was a most incredible thing that someone ever could see. Kid Rock had a place which is called as a bump in.  At that time, the whole place was covered with the people who were crazy about the music. They all were there to hear it. It was about 60,000 people and they all were singing as united and were screaming. That was really a great moment.

10: Page and Plant

It was May 1995 when Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were performing in St. Louis at the Keil. This was considered as the best concert at that time. Nothing was spared and top quality production was provided. Musicians were very well prepared. From the balcony, the scene of the stage was very clear and obvious. The light was also dancing on the floor. The combination of all instruments and Symphony put the whole crowd on their feet and it was a very long concert as compare than usual concerts.

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