Year of Celebrity Breakups 2016: Take a Break!

Celebrity breakups 2016

Now that the first half of 2016 has passed, and we are officially back from our summer vacation (hello, gorgeous tan!!); it is time to dive back into reality and take a look at the total carnage (read: death-toll) of our favourite celebrity hearts. The breakup rate this year has been exceptionally high this side of the Pacific. Blame the heat wave or Trump; all these breakups took a toll on our poor hearts for sure! Here is a list of the most shocking ones so far. Let’s have a look at the celebrity breakups 2016.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

After all those awwww-inspiring moments together; from their love-making for art to this large heart shaped rock on Gaga’s finger, it came as a shock for all when the reports came of their split in May. The couple has been dating for five years and got engaged on Valentine’s eve last year. However, there seems to be still some hope left as Lady Gaga has called the fans to “keep rooting for us “. We sure are hon, we sure are!!!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Already being dubbed as the hottest (errr, you mean controversial??) breakup of 2016, the couple decided to part ways this spring after nearly 18 months together. This could be one of the most viral one among celebrity breakups 2016. What started off as an amicable decision has since then evolved into an ugly fight of exes, especially since #HiddleSwift came into our and Calvin Harris’s life 😉

Demi Lovato and Wilder Valderrama

One of the most loved couples of our music scene, Lovato, and Valderrama, broke some major fan hearts when they announced their split this June, after a solid six years together. The couple has been reported to say that they are “better as friends than lovers”. Their words not ours!! (Eye-roll).

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Here comes another of the famous celebrity breakups 2016. Well, well, well, so unless you have been hiding under a rock or trying to time-travel to Westeros, (we know we are!!); you must have read about this couple’s ugly break-up that quickly transformed into more vicious court battle. What with the charges ranging from domestic abuse to violence, we know this one isn’t coming back together any soon.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

The much loved and respected duo of industry shocked the fans worldwide when their reps reported they have decided to end their 34 years long marriage. There are some rumors of infidelity and abuse circling, but we do wish this lovely couple all the very best.

James Mcavoy and Anne-Marie Duff

Although Mr. Mcavoy has been very private about his personal life; it quickly grabbed everyone’s attention, when the news of his divorce to 10-year long wife Anne-Marie surfaced. There haven’t been any details of problems that caused the rift between the two, and they remain friendly.

Henry Cavill and Tara King

This handsome hunk of a man topped the headlines when he made an appearance with his 19-year-old girlfriend at an award function last winter. Henry, 34, kept gushing about how supportive and encouraging Tara has been for him throughout their one year together; so this sudden break-up has been confusing, to say the least. But hey, we are not complaining if Superman is on the market again!!!

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young

When it comes to the celebrity breakups 2016, you can’t ignore this one. This paradise started having a lot of troubles when the cheating stories sprung up of Nick Young. This kind of problem and that too after just a year of engagement, we feel your pain IggyLLL.

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger

A couple that was being used as an example of true love, Joshua and Diane has us all doing a double take after the news surfaced of their split last month. No details or issues are being disclosed, and the couple is staying rather a mom about it all. Don’t worry you two; we are keeping you in our prayers for sure!!!

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman

Four years and two beautiful daughters down the lane; it was somewhat of a shock when Drew Barrymore announced her split from art consultant husband Will Kopelman, in April. The couple is believed to have reached the decision mutually, and will continue to respect each other.

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