10 Facts about Michael Jackson that you should know

Facts about Michael Jackson

You must have loved him. There is no doubt that he was a great performer. Also, there are few facts about Michael Jackson that you cannot ignore. Do you know that he owned a library? Well, let’s have a look at few facts about Michael Jackson.

1: Library Owner

Jackson was an avid reader of books. He owed a library in 1 million dollars with overdue book

fines. The library said to drop the fines only on one condition that if Michael Jackson will return

all these books after giving autographs on all of them.

2: Secret Flight to Bahrain

The brother of Michael Jackson whose name was Jermaine was found on the charges of child

molestation. In case, he found guilty of this crime he will devise an escape plot. When MJ saw

that the life of his brother was falling apart with charges of child abuse. MJ was offered to live

in Bahrain for Eleven months.

3: Buying of Elephant Bones

The pop star MJ was very famous for spending million dollars on shopping and purchasing

different things. Strangely, but, yes it is one of the facts about Michael Jackson. He had also a great collection of very strange things which he collected from

different places. According to reports, he also tried to buy the remaining’s of Joseph Merrick in

1987. Joseph was known as the elephant man. MJ requested the Royal London Hospital for this

purpose but they denied accepting this proposal.

4: His Memorial Services

Memorial services of MJ very great for his personality. It was reported that the memorial

service for Michael Jackson was watched live be billions of people. These people watched these

services on T.V and through other media resources. The most watched funeral in the world was

of Miss Diana and the services of Michael Jackson came on number second. It was a really

great moment for all of the lovers of Michael Jackson.

5: Sleeping in Oxygen Tent

Very few people know that the sleeping place of Michael Jackson was an Oxygen Tent. He was

used to sleeping in that tent. It was a hyperbaric oxygen center which is often used to control the

aging process. Normally these tents are used by those persons who have the problem of

inhaling. Later on, he donated this tent to a medical center situated in California. This medical

center was helping the victims of burning. This medical center used this tent to benefit the

burning victims.

6: An Animal Lover

Michael Jackson was a great POP star but very few people know that he was also a very keen

pet lover. His most famous pet was Bubbles. He had also a chimpanzee. He had a snake Python.

He called him Crusher. He also had rams and he called him Mr. Tibbs. There were two lamas.

and their names were Louise and Lola. He was pet’s lover from very little age. When he was

only three years old, he adopted a chimpanzee from cancer research center. It was situated at


7: Announcement of His Death

It is very true that announcement of the death of Michael Jackson was stunning news and in real

meanings, the news paralyzed the whole social media. It was 3:15 pm. The day was 25th June

2009. As the breaking news was announced that Michael Jackson is no more with us, this news

paralyzed the Facebook, Twitter, AOL and every social and technical media. Every Body was still

at his place to hear this news. This news was one of the biggest news of the history. You must be enjoying these facts about Michael Jackson and don’t forget to share them with your friends.

8: Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

As a great pop star, his life was fulfilled with the great and amazing thing. The most amazing thing

was his residence. It was a ranch and it was literally never ending in the area. It was situated in

the area of 2700 Acre. It was an estate in itself. It consisted of an amusement park, a private zoo, a movie theater

, and it had a lot of amazing animals in its zoo. So many speakers

were fixed in every part of the park. These were fixed for the purpose of hearing the music of

Michael Jackson in every part of the park.

9: Godfather

Very few people are aware of the matter about the Nicole Richie. It was the fact that Michael

Jackson was the godfather of the Nicole Richie. Nicole often comes here and she spent most of

the time with Michael Jackson. Nicole also defended the Michael Jackson when he was facing

the issue of child sex abuse.

10: Highest Earning Deceased Artist

The most awarded and highest paid personality was the Michael Jackson and it is one of the facts about Michael Jackson. So many reports

stated that Michael Jackson was one of the highest earning deceased artists. Guinness Book of

World Records stated that Michael Jackson is highest earning person with the earning of 275

million dollars in the year of 2010. When he passed away, for first 12 months his estate was

estimated to have worth of 1 billion dollars. Only his albums generated the sale of 9 billion in

the only America and 24 billion from outside the America.

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