10 Best Voices of the World

10 Best Voices of the World

Are you curious about the 10 best voices of the world? Do you want to take a look at the list? Well, without any further ado, here is the list of 10 best voices of the world.

10 Best Voices of the World

1: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is the best singer of the world for all the time. He was born in 1958 in Indiana

and died in 2009. He was not only a singer. Of course, we cannot forget him as he was one of the 10 best voices of the world. He was also a songwriter, producer,

choreographer, entertainer and most of the all was a very good humanitarian. He did a huge

dollar amount of 300,00 dollars as charity to the different charity foundations. He was also

known as the King of POP. You might also want to take a look at 10 facts about Michael Jackson.

2: Freddie Mercury

Freddie is also a great singer of his time. He was born in Stone Town, Tanzania. He went to

England for the singing. He got all his popularity here and later on known as the British singer.

He was also a song writer and producer. He was the best lead Vocalist of all the time. He wrote

so many famous songs for the band Queen. Before becoming a famous singer, he worked for

the three bands.

3: Elvis Presley

Elvis was an actor and an American singer. He was known with the name “The King”. His most

popular songs were singles. The best songs he presented were “Heart Break Hotel”, “Hound

Dog” , ”Love me Tender” and “Jail House Rock”. He started his career from a movie as an actor.

Later on he started singing. Throughout his career, he focused on the acting and less on the


4: Robert Plant

Another great name in the history of music is Robert Plant. He was an English song writer,

musician. He was also a lyricist and also worked for the band Led Zeppelin. He was also a lead

singer. He had really a great quality of rock in his voice. He had the quality to present the

different qualities of the music as disturbed, crazy, beautiful. He had the ability to fit any of them

in any song according the need of the song.

5: Whitney Houston

Whitney Elizabeth Houston was a great singer of all the time. She was born in the 1963 and

died in 2012. She was an American singer. She was also a song writer, actress, model and

producer. Guinness Book of World Record awarded her as the female artist, who one maximum

awards in the world. She was also cited as the best singer of the history. She was one of the

artists, who presented the tracks with best-selling records.

6: Paul McCartney

Paul was the great singles with the great vocals of all the time. He worked for the band “The

Beatles”. He was the soul of this band. He changed the language of the music forever. He was

also known as the versatile singer of the time. He was the combination of power, growl, energy

and dexterity. He had the greatest influence on the music. He performed the music with most

changing voice ever.

7: John Lennon

The complete name was the John Winston Ono Lennon. He was also a great singer with a great

song writer. He was also a co-founder of the band “The Beatles”. He came into the eyes of the

world when he joined the band “The Beatles”. This band was the most popular band of the

history. “The Beatles” is also known as the most commercially successful band of all the time.

John Lennon is known as the innovator of the pop music.

8: Frank Sinatra

The complete name of the Frank Sinatra was the Francis Albert Frank Sinatra. He was an

American singer. Being a singer, he also wrote so many songs. 9He was also a song writer,

producer and actor. He is also known as the most influential artist of the music industry for the

20 th century. He was the greatest entertainer of all the time. He was very famous for putting

emotions in the story of music.

9: Steve Perry

Steve was really a great singer of the history. He was also a song writer and producer. He was

famous for singing any type of song with emotions. He had a great range of vocals which

nobody was having. His talent forced the audience to admire and know his as a best singer of

his time. New generation is also fan of his songs. He was one of the great majestic singers of

his time.

10: Axl Rose

The complete name of the Axl Rose was the William Bruce Rose Jr. was born in 1962, Indiana.

Indiana is a state of America which gave the artists to world. In the start of his career, he joined

the band Guns ‘N’ Roses. Axl is known as the founder of the hard rock music in the history. For

some reasons, he is known as the most celebrated but also known as the controversial artist in

the history of music. He had really an amazing voice. He is one of the 10 best voices of the world.

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